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Light Roasted Geisha Coffee Variety, Uniquely Processed & Farmed by Nestor Lasso 

200g €21 (1kg/ €105) 

It is difficult to express in words the luxurious experience of savoring any coffee from Nestor Lasso, as each item is singularly crafted. The blend of his innovative agricultural and processing strategies, coupled with a collection of unique coffee varietals (Chiroso, Gesha, Ombligon, Sidra, Pink Bourbon, and more) provides a truly exceptional cup.


Geisha or Gesha coffee hails from the Arabica family, usually associated with beans from Panama. However, Gesha's ancestry traces back to 1931 Kaffa in Ethiopia, where it was first grown in the Gori Gesha forest. Carried to Latin America, the heirloom plant quickly developed a reputation amongst the specialty coffee world. Renowned for its floral, fruity flavor, the taste of Gesha can differ depending on its origin, often boasting hints of mango, guava, papaya, and citrus. This exquisite flavor can be attributed to Ethiopia where it has long reigned supreme.

Sourced by worldcoffeeresearch.org

Process details

Geisha Coffee Variety Washed/ Thermal Shock Process Details
1. Selection of ripe Cherries
2. Anaerobic process in a bag or plastic tank for 40 hours a temperature of 16-18°C, Anaerobic process in a bag or plastic tank for 40 hours a temperature of
3. 20 Hours oxidation in the Tolva (hopper). During this process we collect the coffee mosto ( Juice that comes from the cherries) then cherries are pulped.
4. Oxidation of the beans with mucilage for 20 hours adding the coffee mosto that was harvested.
5. Underwater fermentation at a temperature of 39°C for 12 hours
6. Solar drying in marquesinas (Suspended wood frames with mesh that holds the beans in order to avoid any contact of the mass of coffee with the ground) at maximum temperature of 30° C for 18-24 DAYS till reaching desire moisture content


Origin: Colombia
Farm: El Diviso
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Altitude: 1750 m.s.l.
Area : 14 1/2 hectares
Shade: Native & fruit trees

Coffee Supply Chain

Actors involved in the coffee supply chain
Nestor Lasso (El Diviso Farm) – CATA Exports - Lucky Cat - YOU 🫵🏼

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