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Light Roasted Pink Bourbon Coffee Variety, Uniquely Processed and Farmed by Nestor Lasso 

200g €18,50 (1kg/ €92,50) 

It is almost impossible to capture the delight of savoring any coffee produced by Nestor Lasso, as each batch is one-of-a-kind. His dedication to ideal farming and processing practices, together with the inclusion of rare and sublime coffee varieties (Pink Bourbon, Gesha, Ombligon, Chiroso, Sidra, and more) make for an incomparable cup.



Pink bourbon is considered an exotic variety presumably originated in Huila Colombia, is a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, this varietal takes its name after the pink color of its ripe coffee cherries. It has greater resistance to leaf rust and it is quite difficult to produce with consistency, but due to the stellar cups this variety can produce many farmers in Colombia have adopted this variety to add more value to their crops.

Process details

Pink Bourbon Coffee Variety 180 Hrs Natural Process Details

1. Selection of cherries harvested ripe grain, oxidation 12 hours temperature 25 ° c

2. Anaerobic fermentation in a bag or plastic tank for 50 hours at temperatures of 18-16°c, then the coffee is taken into a tank for 60 hours oxidation, maximum temperature 42°c

3. They take the cherry coffee to bags of 50 kg for anaerobic fermentation for 30 hours, temperature 16-20 ° c

4. Coffee is taken into tanks, where is submerging it in water at 45°c, recirculation of leachate for 70 hours

5. Drying in a marquesinas at maximum temperature of 32°c, drying is interrupted at 18% humidity, then transferred to black plastic bags in a cellar without light, it is left to rest for 60 hours and then continue drying until obtaining 11 % moisture.


Origin: Colombia
Farm: El Diviso
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Altitude: 1750 m.s.l.
Area : 14 ½ hectares
Shade: Native and fruit trees

Coffee Supply Chain

Actors involved in the coffee supply chain
Nestor Lasso (El Diviso Farm) – CATA Exports - Lucky Cat - YOU 🫵🏼

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