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Light Roasted Yellow Bourbon  Coffee Variety Farmed by Octavio Reis at Fazenda Bela Vista 

250g €13,50 (1kg/ €54)  

Octavio Reis has returned; his family's relationship to the growing of coffee is integral to their legacy and part of their identity for generations.

 “Me, my mother, my grandfather…we did not become coffee producers, we were born” – Said Octavio Reis 

The effort of generations is clearly reflected in the steadfastness of his harvests. We are joyfully privileged to bring you his coffee, and our goal is to bring you exemplary coffees while fostering and maintaining strong connections with farmers like Octavio Reis who continually strives to cultivate this marvellously exquisite coffee for you to cherish.



Yellow Bourbon tree can reach 2.8 meters in height, and has early ripeness. Of the 30 varieties studied in 1945, seven are planted commercially today in Brazil.
Because of its low-medium yields and relative susceptibility to coffee leaf rust, Yellow Bourbon’s cultivation may require more attention and care than other varieties. Yellow Bourbon usually expresses its quality potential when grown 1,000 meters or more above sea level, and in places where the harvesting and post-harvesting processes are well-executed.
The sensory characteristics of Yellow Bourbon are clearly noticeable in the cup — including its sweet flavor, striking aroma and very pronounced citric acidity flavor. Ripe fruits and raisins are other common flavor notes. Researchers recently found some relationships between sucrose content and the presence of some fatty and organic acids with the quality of Yellow Bourbon. Yet to this point, there is no established link between luteolin (the yellow-maker) and quality.
Yellow Bourbon has a lot to offer. This variety can be traced back to Pederneiras, São Paulo in 1930. There are two theories behind the origin of Yellow Bourbon. The first is that the variety had come from the natural breeding of Botucatu’s Yellow and Red Bourbon, and the second that the plant could be a natural mutation of Red Bourbon.
It was one of the first to be recognized for its outstanding cup, in addition to having significantly higher production than other varieties. It quickly became popular in Brazil, with production tripling from 1949 to 1951. However, there was a decline in Yellow Bourbon in the years that followed. This was due to more productive and less susceptible coffee varieties being released at that time.
In recent years, the demand for specialty coffee has brought complex, high-quality coffee into fashion. In 2005, the IAC picked up studies of Yellow Bourbon again, with research into strains with higher yields. In the 2017 Cup of Excellence Brazil, samples of Yellow Bourbon were cupped at 92.33 and sold for US $126.00/lb at auction, 100 times the C price on that date.
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Process details

This Yellow Bourbon coffee variety is a Natural Processed coffee dry on the patio for 15 up to 20 days, 10 days in the static box and in the rotary dryer for 10 days. A mix of several techniques can be used for one coffee.
Varieties on the farm are Yellow Catucai (2SL and 24137), Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Robi, Yellow Icatu, Mundo Novo, Arara and Topazio. The chosen coffee is all from the high-altitude Yellow Bourbon plot.
The production techniques that are used come from decades of experience in the field and from continuous agronomist, advice. They include the latest information from the research centres and universities. Fermentation techniques are applied based on farm plot, terroir and variety. Experimenting is done to find new processing and create different profiles, like aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. Every step is monitored and controlled on PH and temperature. The fermentation times vary from 12 up to 72 hours.


Origin: Brazil
Farm: Fazenda Bela Vista
Region: Minas de gerais, Brazil
Altitude: 1,050 m.s.l.

Coffee Supply Chain

Actors involved in the coffee supply chain
Octavio Reis - The Coffee Quest Brazil - Lucky Cat - YOU 🫵🏼

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