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Light Roasted Caturra Coffee Variety, Farmed by Maria Chacon & masterfully Processed by Ivan Solis at Beneficio Santa Fe 

250g €17,25 (1kg/ €69) 

Maria Elena Chacon takes great care in cultivating this particular Caturra variety, while Ivan Solis and Leandra Cordero at Beneficio Santa Fe ensure expert processing through their innovative fermentation techniques. They are constantly pushing the limits of coffee fermentation, resulting in unique and exceptional flavors in their beans.


Caturra is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. It was discovered on a plantation in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil sometime between 1915 and 1918. Caturra has a single-gene mutation that causes the plant to grow smaller (called Dwarf/Compactism). Its name derives from the Guarani word meaning "small." It is also called "Nanico."
The variety was never officially released in Brazil, but has become common in Central America. It was introduced in Guatemala in the 1940s, but widespread commercial adoption didn’t happen for another three decades. From Guatemala, it was introduced to Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama.For decades, it was one of the most economically important coffees in Central America, to the extent that it was often used (and sometimes still is) as a “benchmark” against which new cultivars are tested. In Colombia, Caturra was thought to represent nearly half of the country’s production until a government-sponsored program beginning in 2008 incentivized renovation of over three billion coffee trees with the leaf-rust-resistant Castillo variety (which has Caturra parentage).

Process details

The process of this Caturra coffee is natural. After Ivan Solis receives the cherries at Beneficio Santa Fe, he washes them first and put them on African beds for 14-15 days. He regularly checks the humidity of cherries and makes sure the drying process is controlled and clean, by moving them regularly and using shades in case of rain.


Origin: Costa Rica
Farm: El Medina
Region: Tarrazu
Altitude: 1550 m.s.l.
Area : 5 hectares

Coffee Supply Chain

Actors involved in the coffee supply chain
Maria Chacon – The Coffee Quest - Lucky Cat - YOU 🫵🏼

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